Artificial Pitch Resurfacing in Broadstreet Common

Artificial Pitch Resurfacing in Broadstreet Common

Over time synthetic sports pitches can become worn out if they aren't looked after properly, this can mean the facility needs to be resurfaced.

Existing Turf Rip Up in Broadstreet Common

Existing Turf Rip Up in Broadstreet Common

Before a new pitch surface can be put down, the existing turf needs to be removed to reveal the macadam sub base underneath.

Synthetic Grass Resurface in Broadstreet Common

Synthetic Grass Resurface in Broadstreet Common

We can install a new layer of synthetic turf for a football pitch to improve the playing qualities and the safety of a worn out and flooded surface.

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Resurfacing Artificial Football Pitch in Broadstreet Common

Sports organisations in Broadstreet Common NP18 2 are now deciding to remove their old artificial turf football surfacing and replace them with the latest synthetic grass football surface known as 3G surfaces. The original all weather turf soccer pitches had a short pile synthetic turf grass, filled with sand, this created a surface that was very hard, meaning that the ball bounce unnaturally high and travelled across the surface unnaturally fast.


This old surface is known as a 2G or 2nd generation surface and even though is no longer popular for soccer its playing characteristic are ideal for an artificial grass hockey facility. Advances in manmade turf technology have seen more suited artificial surfaces for soccer, leading to many establishments upgrading and resurfacing their all weather sports facility. 3rd generation surfacing combines manmade turf with a sand and rubber infill, 3G surfacing has a longer pile height than 2G grass with the most popular heights being 40mm, 50mm or 60mm. On a local 3G football pitch the sand infill ensures the artificial turf fibres stand up right whilst the rubber infill creates more natural playing characteristic i.e. better ball bounce and ball roll. We offer all of these different synthetic pitch designs for renovation projects in schools, clubs and other organisations in Broadstreet Common.

The old manmade grass used to surface soccer pitches can be removed through a variety of methods. The artificial grass soccer turf can be removed and disposed of at a land fill site or can be ripped up and recycled. A facility that has been removed as part of pitches resurfacing works can be used for numerous other jobs including, golf pathways and in horse stables making this a much more environmentally friendly method. Contact us today by using our enquiry form if you'd like to talk about costs for a sports facility resurface at your facility.

Resurface Artificial Turf Football Pitches Near Me

Resurfacing your manmade grass football facility in Broadstreet Common NP18 2 is a great way to upgrade your synthetic pitches playing characteristics. With the increased demand for small sided football and team training venues establishments throughout the UK are looking for specialist contractors to resurface their existing all weather facilities with 3G synthetic turf these include:

  • Primary Schools – Removing old 2G surfaces and replacing with new 3G surfacing.
  • High Schools – Uplifting existing 2nd generation artificial soccer turf and replacing with 3rd generation.
  • Leisure Centres – Resurfacing old sand filled pitches with synthetic turf filled with sand and rubber infill.
  • Sports Clubs – Third generation manmade grass to replace old sand filled synthetic foot ball pitch.

Resurfacing an old nearby synthetic soccer pitch with new 3G artificial turf allows primary schools and secondary schools closest to you, to gain full benefits of the surface during school time whilst allowing them to recuperate money in the evenings, allowing people in the wider community to use the all weather facility for 5-a-side soccer, 6 v 6 football, 7-a-side and 11-a-side football training and matches.

Synthetic Pitch Upgrade

Along with resurfacing artificial football pitch areas, we can also carry out synthetic pitch upgrades in Broadstreet Common NP18 2 to create a more natural look with improved performance and playing characteristics. Since technology is advancing continuously, it may be time to get your sports surface upgraded. We could carry out an excellent artificial foot ball surface upgrade to give players using the pitch a better experience. If you are planning to use your artificial soccer surface for more sports, we are able to upgrade the football facility to a multi use games area. This allows a number of different sports to be played in a singe space. These are often seen at schools and sports clubs as well as their surrounding areas, where they may have limited space. Leisure centres may want to upgrade their synthetic foot ball surfacing to meet the requirements of their bookings. For example, they will produce more income by having a 3G or 4G facility rather than a 2G one.

For more information on upgrading your synthetic pitch, please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you with more information on the upgrades which we could perform. A member of our friendly team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible with helpful advice and details on the different foot ball surfacing types available. Or simply look here to find out more information regarding our consultants and how we may benefit your facility. 

How to Resurface a Football Pitch Near Me

If you are looking to resurface your football pitch, we can carry out these steps of resurfacing:

  1. Rip up the existing surfacing
  2. Roll out new artificial turf surfacing rolls
  3. Glue synthetic turf rolls together at seams using specialist glue and tape

We can carry out resurfacing for a number of different establishments including schools, sports clubs and leisure centres. When we resurface your football facility we will ensure that the new surface meets a range of accreditations. Our experts will also advise you on how to maintain your surface so that another resurface will not be necessary. 

3G Pitch Resurfacing Experts in Broadstreet Common

As experts in the resurfacing of 3G pitches in Broadstreet Common, we make sure that the resurface is done to a high quality using premium materials. It is important to make sure that the company you choose to carry out the resurface has the correct accreditations and certifications to carry out the work. 

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We have expert knowledge and years of experience in the resurfacing industry and can make your existing surface look brand new. After carrying out the resurface, our professionals can set you up with a maintenance plan to keep your facility in the best possible condition. 

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We have worked in Broadstreet Common NP18 2 as sports pitch construction specialists for many years to refurbish and renovate worn out surfaces. If you would like more information on resurfacing your existing artificial grass football pitch or if would like to discover build costs and prices associated with upgrading your synthetic soccer surface we will be happy to provide you with some more information along with a quote.

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