Synthetic Football Pitch Maintenance in Hillside

Synthetic Football Pitch Maintenance in Hillside

Regular maintenance is needed with synthetic sports pitches to ensure that they are kept clean and do not become damaged or worn out over time.

Artificial Football Turf Repairs in Hillside

Artificial Football Turf Repairs in Hillside

If your synthetic sports pitch becomes damaged, we can complete repairs of the carpet to get rid of any drainage problems or trip hazards.

Sports Pitch Specialists in Hillside

Sports Pitch Specialists in Hillside

We are professional sports pitch cleaners specialising in maintenance and repair of synthetic football pitches at schools, sports clubs and leisure centres.

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Synthetic Football Pitch Maintenance in Hillside

To keep synthetic grass sports surfacing in Hillside WV16 6 performing at its best, it is important to have a regular synthetic football pitch maintenance package in place. The level of maintenance an artificial football surface needs can vary and this can be reflected in the price.

Pitches that have a low level of maintenance carried out e.g. just a drag mat and brush every 6 months will cost less than a facility that is drag brushed and matted every other week. Using a drag brush to maintain the surface helps remove any litter and debris on the surface that could cause a drainage inhibiting skin to form and cause the surface to puddle in the event of heavy down pours. 3G pitch maintenance would have higher cost if the maintenance was more regular and contained extra items such as raking and grooming, infill top ups and power sweeps.


However without any type of synthetic football pitch maintenance, the surface can get muddy and lead to problems with drainage and contamination. This then creates more costs as treatment is needed to fix the damage and remove moss and algae from the football surface. Overall it’s a lot more cost effective to carry out regular upkeep and prevent any damage in the first place. Keeping the sand and rubber infill well distributed will maintain good playing qualities and also stop dirt from getting stuck and making the surfacing compacted. We are specialists in synthetic football pitch maintenance in Hillside and one of our team members will be happy to discuss the process and the costs with you. Simply fill in the contact form to let us know what you need and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also look here - to find out more regarding what we can do for you.

Drag Brushing 3G Pitch

Proactive maintenance is important if you want to keep your 3G football pitch in the best condition. Drag brushing can be done in Hillside WV16 6 to spread out uneven infill throughout the artificial fibres; this is great for the football facility, as the original safety and performance characteristics will be restored. Synthetic turf pitches can become contaminated over time due to dirty infill; this can then have a negative impact on the drainage and performance of the surfacing. If a synthetic surface becomes contaminated, the pores can become blocked which means that the porosity will be lost or affected meaning that water can build up and the surface can become waterlogged. Regularly drag brushing your 3G pitch will help to prevent the artificial grass fibres becoming contaminated, as the infill will be spread out. Our builders can carry out a routine care plan to maintain your pitch in the best possible condition and reduce the need of costly repairs.

Infill redistribution is essential when taking care of your 3G pitch to extend the life span of your facility in your surrounding area and ensure that the surface remains SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliant. If you do not carry out regular maintenance of the facility, the surfacing may not continue to meet the accreditations that were met when the facility was originally installed. Drag brushing and chemical treatments are a great way to maintain the sports surfacing. If you've got any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

What is Moss and Algae Treatment?

A moss and algae treatment can be applied to an artificial sport pitch in Hillside to prevent the growth of contaminants. Moss and algae are most common in areas where there are long periods of wet weather. Moss and algae appears when a poor maintenance plan is set up or synthetic pitches have been neglected. If contamination occurs on your synthetic football pitch, it is important to have it removed immediately. Dirt and moss can affect the water drainage causing your field to become waterlogged. By applying a chemical treatment it is possible to get rid of the contaminants and deter unwanted algae growth. Our specialists are able to carry out this treatment using a specialist chemical weed killer which will not damage your synthetic field.

Artificial Football Turf Repairs in Hillside

If you've got an artificial grass sports surface in Hillside which has become damaged, we can complete artificial football turf repairs to fix the problem. Over time artificial grass carpet can become worn out and dirty, especially if it is not looked after with regular maintenance. When this happens the pitch can start to hold water and the carpet could be ripped or worn away. This can be potentially dangerous for players as they could slip or trip over during a match or in training. If you spot any damage to your synthetic football facility, we recommend that you have specialist repairs carried out to prevent them from getting worse or spreading to other areas.

Moss and algae can also start to grow on an artificial sports pitch, leading to reduced drainage qualities. When this happens you can have a chemical treatment applied to remove the contaminants and prevent future growth. As professional sport surfacing contractors we will be able to advise you on the best synthetic football pitch maintenance methods for your facility. Please fill in our contact form for information on costs to carry out synthetic football turf repairs, and to start a regular upkeep plan. One of our professional team members will get back to you with a quote for the work as soon as possible.

How to Maintain a Football Pitch Near Me?

If you are looking how to maintain a nearby artificial football field, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Drag brush your surface regularly to redistribute the sand infill
  2. Apply a chemical moss and algae treatment to prevent contamination
  3. Carry out a deep clean often to improve drainage and porosity
  4. Inspect the surface for any damages
  5. Repair the surface immediately if you find any rips of tears 
  6. Rejuvenate the field if the surface begins to hold water


It is vital to carry out proactive maintenance in order to keep your closest synthetic pitch in a best condition. If you find the local surfacing is holding water or there are tears in the surface, you will need to get the surfacing repaired as soon as possible to prevent the need of more costly repairs like resurfacing and other maintenance options. 

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