Football Pitch Design in Bonehill

Football Pitch Design in Bonehill

We can create a bespoke football pitch design which meets your requirements and gives you a versatile facility which can be used for other sports like rugby and hockey.

Synthetic Grass Specifications in Bonehill

Synthetic Grass Specifications in Bonehill

We install football surfacing in the latest technology of synthetic grass to ensure a comfortable playing experience which mimics the performance of natural grass without the heavy maintenance.

Football Surface Designs in Bonehill

Football Surface Designs in Bonehill

The design and specification you choose for your football pitch will have an effect on the price as factors such as area size, location and surface types need to be considered.

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Artificial Grass Football Surfacing Design in Bonehill

If you are interested to find out about artificial grass football surfacing design in Bonehill B78 3 we are able to offer you information about our specs. The specifications and design of a sports surface can vary in numerous ways; the way that perhaps stands out the most is the specification of the synthetic turf used to surface the all weather facility.

There are a number of accreditations set out to outline the sports surfacing specifications e.g. IATS, FIFA 1* and FIFA 2*. Specification of manmade turf varies for a number of reasons for example, synthetic grass can vary in pile height, there are a number of different 3G pile heights available; 40mm, 50mm and 60mm. Our professional sports pitch installers have completed numerous projects with these surface types to create fantastic new pitches.

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The synthetic fibres used in manmade soccer grass in Bonehill can also vary in specs, the fibres can either be monofilament or fibrillated. The pile weight of the synthetic grass also depends on the specification, the more yarn in the artificial turf carpet the better the specification, and this can also be said for the stitch rate in the synthetic carpet. The spec of manmade turf varies from establishment to establishment, with spec of the synthetic turf used on all weather pitches in schools likely to be different to than that used to surface manmade soccer fields at leisure centres, sports clubs and certainly a different specification to that used on 'fake' grass facilities at nearby professional football clubs. We could provide you with more information once you have filled in out contact box. 

How much does an Artificial Pitch Cost?

Costs and prices of local all weather synthetic turf in Bonehill B78 3 are usually decided by the quality and specification of the turf along with the size and dimensions of a facility. Sports organisations such as professional football clubs are likely to have a larger budget than schools so can purchase manmade grass of the highest specification (FIFA 2*), establishments in your surrounding area with a lower budget and a facility that will be used for small sided recreational soccer are likely to have a lower spec or grade of manmade turf.

For more information on how much a manmade pitch costs, please fill in our contact form and we may get back to you with a quote. 

Artificial Turf Soccer Pitch Surface Design

Artificial grass all weather pitches in Bonehill B78 3 also vary in design, many synthetic pitches are now built and designed to accommodate more than one forms of foot ball. The most popular 3G all weather pitch design involves having a 11 a side full size facility marked across the length with a number of 5-a-side, 6v6, or 7 v 7 foot ball pitches line marked across the widths of every field. Some 3rd generation soccer pitches are just designed for small sided foot ball; this is often determined by the size and dimensions of each artificial football facility. Small sided soccer pitches can vary in size and dimensions but it’s recommended that minimum lengths and widths are 25.91m x 16.76m with the maximum 42.65m x 25.91m. The smaller fields are designed to host 5-a-side where the larger pitches are built to host 9 a side soccer.

We have carrying out projects as artificial football pitch builders to install top quality all weather sports facilities in a range of sizes and surface types. Many schools, colleges, universities and leisure centres near me are choosing to renovate their existing grass surfaces by upgrading to a new spec.

3G Pitch Specification Near Me

As professional artificial football field design specialists in Bonehill we are able to alter our 3G pitch specification to meet your individual needs and requirements. If you let us know your budget prior to installing the 3G surfacing, we can have a look at our design and discuss with you how we can remain within your budget whilst installing a high quality facility. A lot of schools and sports club with limited funds and space often have a smaller manmade field installed. This means that the exact dimensions of a standard football pitch will not be met, but players can still enjoy playing soccer on a professional facility. We can also alter the pile height of surfacing to meeet different sport requirements if you choose to play other sports on the facility other than football. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our team. 

Synthetic Sports Pitches in Bonehill

Leisure centres, sport centres and schools are likely to build full size all weather pitches that are designed to host all different forms off foot ball. The reason behind this is to increase the amount of revenue that can be generated, if a manmade field surface is built to host 11 v 11 and small sided football it makes it more flexible to bookings.


Football training can be hosted on the closest facility generating revenue and with small sided soccer leagues extremely popular and hosted every night throughout weeks. These evening lettings go a long way to helping recuperate a make money from their 3G pitch.

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For more information on synthetic turf 3rd generation soccer facility design and spec please contact us. We will also be happy to supply you with a budget quote whatever the design or specification. As specialists in artificial grass football surfacing design in Bonehill B78 3 we can install the perfect facility for you, so make sure to contact us today.

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